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and north africa. security visors met to discuss the potential threat. >> i have a guard outside the u.s. embassy in yemen -- a heavy guard outside the u.s. embassy in yemen. searching vehicles as they approach the era. the situation reflects across much of the muslim world as the u.s. closes over 20 embassies in 18 countries as well as issuing the global travel warning for its citizens. a high-level meeting in washington pointing to a potential threat emanating from the arabian peninsula. >> we are taking it seriously. you would expect us to do that. we are reacting to it. >> the threat to western interests wanting others to germany, the united kingdom, and france closing their embassies in yemen for the next two days. paris warning french citizens to remain vigilant. >> we have been informed directly and indirectly of threats that concern our missions abroad as well as our citizens. they come from al qaeda. >> it is the first time since the 10th anniversary of 9/11 that the u.s. has taken such action. the focus on now qaeda was reinforced even further on saturday. interpol issuing a gl
by playing mackeena in a game of tennis. the interesting thing about wii is we use this little remote. just by moving our arms, we can control movement on the screen. you will be watching up on the big screen as we play a game of tennis. are you ready? all right. we will select two players. that is me. does that look like me? it kind of those -- of does. does that look like mackenna? that is not by chance. you can make the person look like anything you want. they can even look like aliens. interesting. we are going to play some great tennis today. ok. one thing to tell you, there is a little bar on top of the television. it picks up the movement of our arms. we're going to face the television as we play. here we go. how many of you are cheering for me? how many of you are cheering for her? what is up with that? [laughter] that is it. you are going down. we're going to play a single game of wii tennis. are you ready? all right. here we go. we're going to get intense. [applause] >> eco dash 15. -- 0-15. [applause] 0-30. >> she is currently destroying me. i will make a comeback. [applause] >>
through video. i want to share with you a few things that users are saying at telling us about their experience. 91% says that it helps them share information. that is the number one thing that people providing support to us want. 80% says that it strengthens connections. how can using something on-line actually make us feel closer or more connected to our friends and family? out it works, the more connected the leafy zero with the more information we have. if any of you have grandchildren living far away, if they know that you have recently been to the theater or play cards with friends or had a family dinner, they feel more connected to you and telling the you have been to the doctor and all of those things. this is the way that technology can help people) distant connect with us. 75% of our users say that we work with others to provide care and support. today, ties is three years old, and we have learned a lot about lessons with the good life. our number-one lesson is that no one should have to face thelma's, disability, or caregiving on their own. there are growing numbers
'll see you next year. and now we invite you to join us in north light park for a fantastic of food and wine for you to enjoy. thank you all very much. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome to the department of building inspections brown bag lunch series. we are very pleased to have a look at the stuff we're always talking about which is how things get built. we are here in the middle of a construction site in san francisco, mercy housing, being built between night and 10th, between market and mission streets. we have all of the people who are part of the project, including the contractors, the design engineers, soil engineers, structural folks. i think we should start by asking the question, what is a high-rise building? what -- what makes this different from any other building? we have the architect for this project. this is actually two projects? >> that is correct. we are building a little over 100 units, hud found it, affordable housing. there is a community center, child development center, a youth center, and there are a couple of retail spaces, the tenant of which is still to be determined
, you are familiar with the public wants that sits behind us. >> usually, i sailed out of south harbor pier 40. there are very few places along the whole bay waterfront or there is public access. right up the street at pier 1 1/2 is a brand new public launch or you can pull in a boat up to 40 feet, spend hours, and it is a wonderful thing. whoever did that, thank you. >> it is a public/private partnership that was done with the port redevelopment. we hope to be putting in more of that type of facility up and down the waterfront as part of a collection of smaller facilities that may someday be used by a water taxi. >> excellent. is there any major change or vision for the plaza behind here? >> we're just starting to look at phase two of the downtown ferry terminal, looking at how we will accommodate three times as many ferry passengers. we will look at this plaza, how we best make use of it. how can a complement the ferry building and a much higher weight than it does now, and also a place where people want to be. that will be part of the upcoming study. >> we have all these various use
you for joining us. have a great night. ♪ >> good evening, everybody. thank you for being with us. tonight you're looking at one of the many american foreign outposts shattered by the president because of terrorist threats. this is the u.s. embassy in yemen. it is closed. this is the united states embassy in cairo, also closed. the u.s. embassy in bahrain closed. ninety -- 19 of our embassies or consulates in 16 countries across the middle east and all ordered closed by the obama administration. the obama foreign policy effectively closed for business in the middle east. citing threats from the terrorist groups that the president once declared to be on the run repeatedly during his campaign for reelection. the obama administration ordered the closing of those 19 embassies and consulates throughout the middle east for at least the rest of the week. and that is based on what lawmakers and administration sources are calling increased on-line chatter amongst al qaeda and it al qaeda affiliated groups. fox news confirming tonight that enter subject conversations between al qaeda had an
to the u.s. senate and the senate said, are you collecting data on minds of americans? he said, no. the very first sure he we did show they were collecting -- story we did showed they were collecting data. is ann, hasan rouhani upgraded as arends to president replacing mahmoud ahmadinejad. >> if you want the right response, don't stick with a ran in the language of -- don't speak with a ran. >> we will speak with trita parsi. all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. the obama administration has announced it will keep 19 embassies in north africa and the middle east closed from to a week due to fears of a possible military threat. ramped up security measures were in place over the weekend that some of the 22 diplomatic posts shattered by the concerns. saxby chambliss, the top republican on the senate intelligence committee, said intercepted communications were reminiscent of what was heard before the 9/11 attacks. credited the nsa spy programs with detecting the threat. >> these programs are controversial. .
we use it for cooking, eating and hot water. there were 40,000 people that called pg and e about their gas. that means they call turned off their gas? did they need to do that? when do you have to? when there is a problem. how long did you think it takes pg and e to get out and turn it back on? 45,000 people. days weeks, may be a month. who has seen this in the streets. a lot of muck is in there is it's full of dirt and weeds you turn it to the right to tighten it and left to loosen it. your home work you have to look at your house, pop open the lid, look in there see what's going on in there it's not nice and clean like this. who has seen this around their house? everybody. each meter has a shut off. you want to find out where your gas meter is. you can keep track of your usage but you will know how to shut it off. here's the shut off. i have some tools up here, you can look at these. any hardware store has these. they fit on this and it allows you to turn off the gas. when we talk about the wheels it's these on top. if you have a broken pipe. they will spin like mad. when it's
than you are today. use this resource. work to improve yourself because you will have a happier life in the end. will see it on one of my morning walks or bike rides. thank you very much. >> my goodness, what a rich a day. we can all have hope and not be fearful about anything. we take that attitude that we can reverse things. haute not going to tell them what my next birthday is going to be. she was born in 1932. one woman looked up at me and says, dear? she found out it was ok. we can all have the ability to do whatever we want to do. when she is not wrapping -- rapping, she is the co-director on the center for elder abuse and neglect, the university of california, irvine. a program called the institute of aging to 2007, i am proud to serve on that board. from catholic university in washington, who is started with the first song. there is no excuse for elder abuse. >> i am very happy to be here to talk to you all a little bit about elder abuse. there is about 5 million people. ♪ a little louder. you want me to rap? ♪ i need some help. my brain elasticity is not too god. i -- go
as the staff and the port commission we wanted to express our presentation for everything she's left for us. i'm going to speak briefly as john indicated last month we did this informational presentation for the port commission to give an overview. we tend to look at what the commission is doing and we want the people to understand the planning and land use development issues we're facing in the city along the waterfront and follows a certainty tradition that's been set up over the last 10 or 12 years. i have a staff report i've given copies to be described. it gives us an overview of what the waterfront planning process and the collaborative efforts have been that have manifested for properties down to the base i think that's memorialized in the waterfront plan. and that plan as many have you recall is something that was created at the initiative of a voter project that took the better part of ten years to look at the future of what the waterfront should be. a lot of that was focused on the changes on the northern half of the waterfront from the basin you up to fisherman's what have. and how
will the new child that will come in november. >> sir, if you could either use the mic. >> sure. >> so the first thing that i want to draw attention to is that the residents were misled as for the location of the public meeting this was either unintentional or deliberate i am not sure. only four people showed up. 60 people, signed the petition and so i know that there is huge interest in it and more people would have arrived if they would have known the exact address. >> and also, the hearing was held during the time that the students were out of school. on i believe it was june 26th. and 30 to 50 percent of the tenants in the buildings are students. and so they were definitely not represented at this hearing. our opinion is that the proposal by verizon is irresponsible and reckless, the reason for selling these are incorrect and need to be confirmed by an impartial testing authority. and they claimed that installing these are gaps of the coverage in the area and based on the root and open, the area currently get in the best coverage in san francisco. and look it
closely with us that they will hand it over to us at the record of decision but they have done an extraordinary amount of outreach to the blind community and others but many stakeholders up and down the corridor and because of their outreach there is the level of support as you say for the project. there is a lot of -- i mentioned michael schwartz because he's the lead on the environmental and i want to acknowledge the project manager, sherri dafrosty and one the one handing the keys over to the project upon receipt of the record of decision but we are working closely with them. we all have an interest in moving this project as quickly as possible and nobody wants to wait until 2018 and we are coordinated and committed to make that happen sooner. >> is there a version of design build? >> so when when i was talking about delivery methods design build is a candidate. there are others and other delivery models that other city agencies and other public agencies and transit agencies are using. some may apply better to certain types of projects. design build is typically done on
>>> welcome to nhk world "newsline." a u.s. military helicopter has crashed in japan's southernmost prefecture of okinawa. police say some of the crew members sustained injuries in the incident. american officials have confirmed that the aircraft went down during an exercise. the crash occurred shortly after 4:00 p.m. within the perimeter of camp hansen, a u.s. military base in the northern part of the main island. u.s. officials have confirmed at least four crew members were on board. they say they don't have any details about injuries. there are no reports of casualties on the ground. local officials say they've been barred from accessing the crash site. the accident involved a u.s. air force hh-60 based in kaneda. it's a type of helicopter used in rescue operations. >> translator: this accident is an extremely regrettable manner. we've asked u.s. authorities to disclose information quickly to investigate the cause of the crash and to take measures to prevent a recurrence. >> residents near camp hansen have expressed their concerns over safety. >> translator: it would be a disaste
, can you bring us an update on what that's about. >> i forgot to include that as part of my budget highlights. it's another good new story is president chiu sponsored legislation which was embraced by the board of supervisors to create a mechanism to create the urban forming development in departments. that's going to be housed at the recreation and parks department. we're going to hire an agriculture coordinating who will coordinating with with different groups who are interested in different agriculture and the different departments that include pc, dpw and the department of environment. there's a variety of non profits who are in this pace and the idea is to have an appoint person to help the community understand the opportunities that are out there. we're blessed with 27 gardens and we're going to have the community park gate gardening and we're working on other projects as well. so this person will be supported by the department and will work with the community to continue to create urban agricultural opportunities for san francisco. >> thank you. commissioner bonim. >>
's not that easily assessable so there's capital improvements there. we could use the water more creatively to make sure we're looking at other ferry terms and using the buses so they're not actually going from san francisco to other areas but they're able to pick up passengers from presidio to downtown. in the muni world we have tracks in place and bypass tracks to allow the streetcars to move better. and the mission bay area to the waterfront uses the water loop and who helps us build it and that allows the e line. looking at the major line from admission bart mission district to the waterfront. that's been the books but we're findings a way to put in a hard shuttle and looking at the other designations pier 70 on the 58 and 33 and schultz that help you to get to the western end. bicycle and pedestrian network we've been working with a better bike facility and popular that will help separate pedestrians and bicyclists. so if it only does that p that will avoid the conflicts because their laud to mingle on the sidewalk pr and we want to expand this into the additional bike share stations. and look
the design. the uses of the street and the texture and the richness of the fabric that's there. viewing sixth street facing south along the hotel and on the left looking north along the street. it's a vibrant place and it's one of the 345eshg9 features and the mix of building heats we've mapped it out vigorously and this is an imagine of the street marked no dark blue on the middle right but the two prominent sites is the ground floor arbitrate. the other is the mix of building heights it goes up and down. and with a lot of the that 2rib9 buildings being masonry. so those impacts of the affordable housing the vibrant mixes of uses arresting and the diversity of the fabrics. starting with the actual ground floor this is an incredibly wonderful impact. we have retail space that wraps around sixth street. we tried to anytime misses and we're trying to work hard and minimizing our gap in the streets. but the rest is retail frontage. we've worked with the leasing staff to make sure that is viable. at the corner it's a full height space up to 20 feet. that's a real fantastic designation plays. wher
when they call. we address the calls accordingly. we tend to use the numbers favorably. >> back to what this chief said, i certainly understand the fact that staffing drives a lot of this and i think it would be useful for us given where we are in terms of staffing to have a conversation of what would it take in terms of resources to get to the right amount of staffing prior to 18 if that's where we are now and talking about making changes that could expand hours i'm sure this community could be very interested in working with the police department to get to that point, 2018 is a long time. but i think that to expedited the right result with staffing, there are things we can do right now. we are undermining our own efforts to grow the economy and hopefully we don't have to wait to have those conversations. >> okay. berry, did you want to say something? >> supervisor really hit on it fairly quickly as well. that is i was just going to ask chief sur if there is anything that our industry can do to expedited the staffing and the resources that might be needed to help in light of the econom
people use z-ducts. >> that is correct. the bathroom and kitchen exhaust fans are on at a low-level all the time. even when the windows are closed they are always pulling in adequate amounts of ventilation from the exterior. >> are there any other special noise control features? >> the code required what is called sound transmission walls between the units. between units above and below also. the concrete floors are very good at deadening air-form sounds, but impact sounds are harder to control. you could imagine a shoe reverberating through there, so we have to provide padding through hard finish material such as title or sheet vinyl to death in the sound. -- to daeden that sound. >> that means there is a specific floor assembly that goes down. maybe a carpet with pad. people 5, 10 years from now say i will replace the carpet or the linoleum, they do not fully understand that as part of the sound transmission assembly, required by the code, and to protect them. in many cases we see lawsuits from the generation of sound transmission. also, the walls between dwelling units, they are maki
, bipolar, it all hits us different. it doesn't hit us the same. then you have to learn the coping skills. how am i going to be able to cope with this? and then the others, the world? i mean just the whole bunch of different things. coping skills. you guys, san francisco, again, i have to say is the most resourceful city in the world. if you can find the resources, and here it's just finding them. you have to take your time and you have to research and then you have to open doors, close doors, but it's here, somewhere in san francisco. and finding the coping skills, we gave you a couple of tools today of different organizations that are here in san francisco and that are working and maybe you can get some coping skills from contacting them or asking some questions from those different organizations. what resources do you guys do for coping skills? and going back to that, too, everybody's coping skills are different. for one of my coping skills, i do a tv show, which is called "black media." i go out into the public and dip into my life and the people's lives in san francisco here. i ju
and hunter's point. car share organizations that want to participate will ask us for spaces. actually they will prepare a list of spaces they would like. i don't bore you with the process but car share organizations are going to be present in all three of the zones and we set floors for the outer zones to make sure there is a presence in the middle and outer partings of the neighborhoods in the city. we we have inventivizing with the permits and the permit fee in zone one is $225 and the monthly permit in the middle zone is 150 and in the outer zone it's 50 so can you get many more permits out in the sunset per month than you can on russian hill and we're hoping between the presence and the incentivize price we draw car share to all neighborhoods in san francisco. designating on streetcar spaces -- needs not to read through every step. this is like anytime we red curb and we will bring it to your board for approval. that is a challenging process. with 900 spaces over two years our intent is to come forward with a small batch, initially perhaps 100. i say small but it's still quite
. >>> the terror threat is real, the planned attacks are massive and the u.s. embassies are staying shut down for another week. that's what several u.s. sources are saying about an alleged al qaeda plot against u.s. interests in the middle east and africa. one source says al qaeda is back and stronger than it was before 9/11. after the bell stunner, jeff bezos buys "the washington post" for $250 bucks. and the bankrupt city of detroit starts the process of putting its priceless museum artwork up for auction. you wouldn't believe how much it could be worth. all those stories and much more coming up on the "kudlow report" right now. good evening, i'm larry kudlow. this is the "kudlow report." first up tonight, breaking news, jeff bezos paying $250 million for "the washington post" newspaper. a few days ago boston red sox owner john henry bought the "boston globe" for the bargain basement price of only $70 million. what is going on here? why will these foes succeed while others have failed. joining us is our own julia boorstin. why will they succeed where others have failed in. >> i think the qu
evening, everybody. thank you for being with us. the white house today t only sticking by their assertions that the array of scandals now engulfing the white house are phony, t the president's own spokesperson declari two of the most serious scandaas to be over. regardless of the ongoing investigations to find out exactly who ordered the internal revenue serve to target conservative groups, the tea party, and who left four americans and one ambassador to die at the hands of terrorists in benghazi on september 11th of last year. here's white house press secretary jay carney earlier today, confidently declaring that republican efforts to investigate benghazi and the internal revenue service have failed. while ignoring the mountains of evidence uncovered in the multitude of investigations into both growing scandals. >>t was an effort under way to turn them into partisan scandals. i don't think ybody here would doubt that. and what we've seen as time has passed and more facts have become known, whether it's abo the attacks in benghazi and the talking points or revelations about conduct at the
. it reminds us of what the history was. >> there is a section for dogs and plenty of parking. transit is available on the 28 bus to get you very easily. the part is ada -- park is ada accessible. it is also a natural lake. this is your chance to stroll around the lake and let the kids run free. it also has many birds to watch. it is a place to find and appreciate what you -- a wonderful breath of fresh air. come and experience in this park and enjoy the people, picnics, and sunshine. this is a lovely place to take a stroll with your loved ones. in the middle of pacific heights, on top of these hills, it offers a great square, a peaceful beauty, large trees and grass and greenery. it features tables and benches, a playground, restaurants, and tennis courts. there are plenty of areas for football and picnics. it is very much a couple's park. there are many activities you can experience together. stroll on the pathways, bring your dog, or just picnic at one of the many tables and enjoy all that it has to offer together. many couples find this is a perfect park to throw down a blanket an
capehart in for toure. the state department takes extrord mare measures, so what are the rest of us supposed to think? >>> how much of the administration's response been influenced by public opinion? and is this the new moral. >>> it's no surprise who tops the new poll of america's hottest politicians. chris christie. >> how? >> but here's what caught us. which party is bringing that heat? >>> "sports illustrated" and the most beautiful face of socialism, olympic gold medalist, katarina vit. big names and big news right now in "the cycle." >>> we start at my insistence on the baseball diamond. okay, let's be honest. it was more of a group effort by krystal. any minute now, major league baseball is expected to announce the suspensions of more than a dozen players for a combined total of more than 800 games. the biggest name on the list, alex rodriguez, who will likely be punched out by the mlb for 214 games. but the story doesn't end there. it appears a-rod will appeal his suspension, allowing him to continue playing during that process. that means we're probably in for an extra inni
're happy you joined us for a town hall with mayor ed lee with the obama administration on the action on immigration founded here just a few blocks away. that what matters is we have a mare that understands the issues a nearest and dear it to us and that's immigration reform. since it's inception we've gotten over 20 visas alone and the feeling is we have a shortage on green talent when we need to go through the steps we need to go through and for the tech community we're focused on opening up our technical school to the global community. we're in a talent war along with a state war on services gov. and anything we can help to create change here means so much to us. we have the mayor who can creative impact so we stand behind mayor ed lee and we're thrilled he's here. i'm so excited to here what he is has to say. thank you (clapping) >> julia and kevin a thank you for being subpoena great community leaders were we're going to have a robust town meeting this is being live for my radio program. we like to let people know in advance. i'm going to ask a few questions then we're going to
'm jake tapper, this is "the lead." first it was a day, now it's a week. 19 u.s. embassies and consulates keeping their doors locked for several days now and we have some breaking news about that warning that al qaeda issued about planning something huge. the money lead. get the meat without buying the cow. how would you feel about biting down on that quarter pounder with cheese if you knew it was grown in a lab? >> and the sports lead. suspended through next season, a-rod, alex rodriguez, banned over using performance-enhancing drugs. why does he feel he's going to take the field tonight? >>> we have breaking news. americans around the world are on high alert and u.s. diplomatic sites are on lockdown as officials piece together the nature of the latest al qaeda threat. let's bring in barbara star on this intercept that the u.s. picked up. barbara? >> reporter: jake, what we can now tell everyone is the intercept that the u.s. got that raised alarm bells across washington was an intercepted communication from the leader of al qaeda, it was to a man in zemin. he was just appointed as his n
to pay. absolutely. [ticking] >> billions of dollars is coming from this office to help bail out the u.s. economy. why is it so unique? because it is in beijing, headquarters of the china investment corporation. how much do you have to invest? >> we have $200 billion. >> $200 billion? >> $200 billion. >> this is the fund's president, gao xiqing. he has poured billions into investment houses on wall street, causing some concern here in the u.s. >> "we think, based on your historical behavior, china, that you're gonna do mischief in our economy." [ticking] >> hey, how you doing? >> oh, i'm doing well. how are you doing, sir? >> how you doing, scott? >> good to see you. >> is davos the most important meeting on earth? >> well, the top of the alps is a long way to come for the rich and powerful, but you'll run into billionaire george soros; eric schmidt, the guy who runs google; nobel prize winners; captains of industry; kings; and even a queen. >> lot of the work is done just sitting in the cafeteria in the congress hall and just seeing people pass by and discussing things. >> the queen han
and what the latest discoveries are that we can possibly use to help improve our city. finally, as someone you know, i celebrated my 60th birthday last week. [applause] and my staff gave me an ipad, and is looking at it -- i might have to go and join your classes to be able to appreciate all the applications that we have there. so do not be surprised if the guy next to you has a mustache. when i leave here this morning, i will be going to rosa parks senior center. we just spent $2 million of federal monies to redo that whole senior center and allow that to be one of the sites that will post the technology advances you are experimenting with today. our own residents at every location of our senior centers are going to enjoy the technology advances that we have as a society. this is why we work in a great city like san francisco. we want everybody connected. we want to make sure the san francisco connected program reaches all of our seniors, all of the people with disabilities. there is no reason why people ocean not be connected up, and therefore -- no reason why people should not be connec
. >> thanks for joining us today. we appreciate it. "fox & friends" starts now. bye. >> good morning everybody. it's monday, august 5. i'm gretchen carlson. i hope you had a fantastic weekend and you're going to have a great week ahead. fox news alert. 19 embassies will stay closed after a worldwide terrorist threat officials say is the scariest since 9/11. the newest information we have coming straight from al qaeda. >>steve: new details on a disturbing story. we may know why a driver appeared to deliberately plow their car into a crowd of people on one of the country's busiest sidewalks killing a newly wed bride on her honeymoon. details ahead. >> shocking video shows a bus driver flung from a side window. a crash. and guess what happens to him? a miracle. a story you can't miss. "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ ♪ >>steve: w*e seen pret -- we've seen pretty crazy points of views from inside cars but that was some of the craziest i've seen. it almost looks like the guy is in an airplane and he's sucked out through the window. my goodness. >>gretchen: i hope he's okay after we're showin
we'll use the word "hoarding and cluttering" now, but there is quite a bit of thinking on our end and other national leaders how to change that, because "hoarding and cluttering" is not the nicest term and loaded with stigma itself and we would like to look at a different way to phrase that and maybe it's "collecting and acquiring." things like that. it's still known as "hoarding and cluttering" now and we have a task force we had for 7-8 years and i co-chair with the doctor from sfhs and we meet to identify what is needed? what are the gaps in the system? right now, one of our hot-button issues is trying to find a centralized intake point for anybody who is experiencing hoarding and cluttering and needs services. that right now typical goes through the department of aging and human services and adult and protective services and other stakeholders, to identify, so if my case manager is working with me on that, what is the one place i could call to make it simpler? right now, i think that tends to be us and we can do our best to triage that out. but that is one focal area that we'r
you tell us not to use, we can't talk any more. >> i want to ban every single word. >> get out. throw to "special report." >> that's it for us at "the five." see you tomorrow. "special report" is next! it is great! >>> the u.s. intercepts the electronic communications of two top al qaeda leaders, plotting attacks. al qaeda's top man ordering the al qaeda branch in yemen to attack the west. it is a major part of what prompted the shut down of embassies in the middle east and north africa. so what's next and who leaked that intel? this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier. a terror group that was supposed to be on its last legs seems to be running the show now on american foreign policy. u.s. embassies and consulates in several middle eastern and african nations will stay closed through at least the end of the week. this follows the one day shut down sunday. we have fox team coverage. ed henry is at the white house with a national security leak that's a little different. we begin with national security correspondent jennifer griffin at the pentagon and new informatio
room" the former israeli defense minister will be joining us. thanks very much for joining us today. i'm wolf blitzer in washington. "erin burnett outfront" starts right now. >>> outfront next, america's embassies still closed. we now know the threat that prompted the closures came from the leader of al qaeda himself. >>> we have new details on that tonight, plus dramatic new images of the asiana plane crash shot moments after the plane went down. these were stunning to see today. >>> and a motorist plows into a crowd on venice beach. what we are just now learning about the driver tonight. let's go outfront. >>> good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. outfront tonight, the developing story of the night. a terror threat directly from the leader of al qaeda. cnn is learning that an intercepted message from ayman zawahiri, to senior al qaeda operatives led to the unprecedented shutdown of 21 american embassies and consul e consulates on sunday. that warning has been extended for one week for 14 of those diplomatic posts, as you can see, concentrated in the middle east and africa. fi
>> but i agree with director harper. it would be very difficult for us to question that and how to lower that amount. i think it important to get that loan structure. i think it's very important to get that revenue. i'm not sure about the option of private fund raising. i'm not sure of how much of reality that is. my experience with what we've seen with the america's cup event is not very strong. i know these are two different types of projects. i think it maybe very challenging. the park is a good option and maybe that's another place that the board can be thoughtful is in terms of thinking about what capital funds would be and private funds and promote to the public. i think that would be a great plan to go into. last three things. i agree with the board. i think that land sales were expected to be a part of the revenue for phase two i agree that i think it's a great example of our project that has experience increased cost as moving forward with time. i think it's something that we should be expecting. as much we can say whatever within phase two of the budget is important an
an almost round 40 a. for us, it is a the best way to connect because they live very far away and we do not get to see the mother rise. it is an important way for all of us to be able to connect with our families and with our communities. for americans living with disabilities, many of whom are also aging americans, broadband and commuters -- computers can provide even more critical tools for health and wellness. they allow someone with a speech impairment to e-mail her doctor, a person who is mobility limited to its in glasses -- classes online, and for someone else to work at home. 29% of people with disabilities would join the work force if telecommuting were actually a viable option for them. before working at home, however, broadband is now a necessity for anyone searching for a job. many job openings are only posted online. about 80% of fortune 500 companies only accept job applications online. and about 60% of working americans use the internet as an integral part of their jobs every single day. if you do not have broadband, you are increasingly cut off from these opportunities.
. good morning. monday, august 15 -- august 5. good to have you with us. i'm frank mallicoat. >> thanks for joining us for this special edition of kpix5 this morning. we're starting nice and early to get you up to speed on the bus contracts an bart trains will operate today as scheduled. more on that in a minute. but we have more on the weather. >> i will tell you have to do, to not worry about a bart strike at all. drive to work at 3:30 in the morning. >> that's true. >> the only problem is a little bit of drizzle. a few low 60s. 50s. and a cool and mild week ahead. the entire forecast coming up in a few minutes. but first, we've got wide open traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza as you could expect at 4:00 in the morning. this of course will be one of the main commutes affected had bart gone on strike and no strike for bart service and maybe 10 cars out of oakland to to -- san francisco. >> seven cars and a truck. >> not bad. >>> we have breaking news about bart. governor jerry brown has stepped in to avert a bart strike. late last night the governor issued an order for a seven-day in
a looming terror attack. u.s. troops are or heightened readiness and 19 diplomatic posts are closed for the rest of the week. >> alex rodriguez is suspended through the end of next year's baseball season. and will chelsea clinton now run for office? i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." >>> we begin with the breaking news. an intercepted from al qaeda's top leader has intelligence agency scrambling to pick up details about a possible attack. 19 consulates across africa will remain closed all week. the epicenter of the global alert is yemen. adding to the concerns, prison breaks that have freed hundreds of terrorists. u.s. military is now on a heightened state of readiness. barbara, what can you tell us about how the u.s. found out about all of this? >> wolf, what set off alarm bells nsh t bells, in the last two weeks they intercepted a message from ayman al zawahiri and another man, nasir al wahayshi, just pointed zawahiri's deputy the message from zawahiri said do something, do it big, do it now. that set off huge alarm bells because al qaeda in yemen has been successfu
" is following the new information on the global terror threat that is keeping more than a dozen u.s. embassies and consulates closed throughout the week. moments ago the state department gave an update on this ongoing threat. >> we are going to keep evaluating information as it comes in, keep analyzing the various intelligence that we're getting in regard to this stream. that's why you saw yesterday we announced that some would be reopening and some would be -- additional consulates and embassies would be closing today. we're going to keep analyzing the information and making adjustments where we need to. >> despite the threat, more than half a dozen u.s. embassies have reopened today, including kabul, baghdad, and tel aviv. 19 outposts will remain closed until at least saturday. 15 of them were closed yesterday. four diplomatic posts were added today, including madagascar, rwanda. while speaking with nbc's chuck todd this morning, congressman adam shif, a member of the house intelligence committee who's been briefed on threat, stressed how serious the administration is taking this. >> there's
campaign this summer for retention, we're training sf path s*us mer services to answer questions regarding health reform, we're spearheading a citywide campaign to ensure all healthy san francisco participants can apply for any insurance in which they're eligible at any of our 33 enrollment sites throughout the city and partnering with the human service agency for communication and is staff training, behind the scenes, we're working to provide a smooth transition into medi cal. we need to do targeted out lao*efp to certain populations, and that's to the question you asked earlier, who are the uninsured who need the most outreach. san francisco applied for an education grant and was not awarded the grant due to our significant process in reaching out to our uninsured, it identified those special populations that are most likely to be uninsured and may require special outreach, young adults are critical to health reforms success, younger healthier people are critical to balance out the older who are often sicker and help keep costs down for the whole system and will eventually lower prices o
the economy starting to stabilize. business expanding for the first time in 18 months. the market using composite purchase managing index up to 58.5 from 48.7 in june. breaks the 50 threshold for the first time since january 2002. headline figure revised up a tick from the permanent reading of 50.4. slightly better. that's just taken the euro/dollar to the best levels of the session at 132.89. below 133. trading tight ranges on euro/dollar. joining us is jonathan tapper. nice to see you today. the pmi is now almost just about in expansion territory for europe. are you confident that we finally got -- after two years we finally got some sustainable growth coming back? >> i think that this is a cyclical upturn. we are seeing some improvement. varying perceptions. the research firm i run, work with, we have leading economic indicators. what's interesting, a lot of this upturn is improvement we're seeing, was really flagged beforehand by the upturn in some of the leading indicators we had seen. so yield curves, steep end in europe. particularly last year after draghi's speech where he said
the fire. how many people have used a fire extinguisher before. >> may be 10 percent of you. by the end of the week you will be putting out a fire with a fire extinguisher. you don't want to learn out to house an extinguisher when they big fire is in front of you. when you turn off your natural gas and water. hazardous materials will be talked about next week. 35-40 percent of you. you will find out that all of you have hazardous material in your home. the third week is disaster medicine. you, going into a room spending 45 seconds on one person into 3 life saving techniques. by the fourth we we will teach you as search and rescuers how to keep yourself safe by identifying safe and none safe building to go into. sometimes objects are too heavy for you to liftoff of a body. we will teach you privying which will use anything you have, wood or cement blocks so you is see that people can lift heavy objects off of people. now, you have to have a plan. every program needs to have a plan. we can't say, here are your skills. class 6, after half an hour we will split you into teams of 10 people
that it has a generator that in case that big one hits you have three days there to really help us recover quickly. you have a number of other things, i was going to make a joke about mr. swab and i maybe testing each other on the pole, but i think you are going to beat me because you are in better shape than i am. but, again it's just a testament that we do value our fire department and leadership and all the men and with i am -- women that serve it and this gift is another reflection of that. having said that, i want to pay attribute that this would not have happened but for the incredible expansion that the museum is doing and that expansion comes with another recognition of the fisher family and their incredible collection of art which this city really still needs to talk about it's deserving of it. i know that the effort that is being made by mr. swab and all the trustees that have made that expansion, it is a serious amount of money to do that. yes they did have to have that expansion. we got that gift out here and the tune of $12 million for the station for the land and design and
>>> 19, that's how many u.s. embassies and consulates are closed for the week. how this is impacting travel around the world. a string of prison breaks could be one of the causes. a look at how al qaeda is tied to some of these attacks. >>> alex rodriguez could find out his fate any moment as he face allegations that he used banned drugs. we'll follow that story through the the hour. >>> i'm suzanne malveaux. michael is off today. right now intelligence and analysts are combing through database, phone records, websites. they are searching for details about a possible terrorist attack. u.s. officials have now extended the closing of 19 diplomatic posts. this is around the world because of that threat. the location stretches as far east as oman and as south as madagascar. this chatter is much more serious than they have seen in years. barbara starr explains how this all came about. >> reporter: the cia and the national security agency has been secretly monitoring intelligence tips for weeks. there was indications of a possible terrorist attack, a stronghold of one of
>> that does it for us. >> we'll be back tomorrow. shepard now. >> shepard: the news begins anew on "studio b." breaking news in the major league baseball drug scandal is set to come at this moment. the hammer is about to come down hard and we're just moments away from hearing the fate of alex rodriguez, the highest paid player in baseball history and many others. we're tracking the al qaeda terror threats they're telling us about that forced our embassies and consulates to stay closed for the rest of the week. john on the hunt will explain why the timing could be very important here. >> how about a delicious schmeat burger. a fake, very expensive hamburgers, that scientists grew in the lab from cattle stem cells. somebody tasted it today. we'll get into that all ahead, unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." >> and there is breaking news now on fox news channel. multiple sources are telling fox news that we're moments away from learning the fate of many major league baseball players, including the biggest catch of them all, the yankees' star. alex rodriguez, over
,700 level for the third day in a row and nasdaq helped by apple. starting the week in the red. joining us for more, we begin with the market panel, paul from heritage capital, doug from riverfront investment group, kenny from o'neil securities, who's just finishing up trading and will join us shortly. guys, welcome. paul, let's kick off with you. we're looking at the start -- negative start, down about 46 points in the dow. how worried are you? >> i'm not worried. i mean, listen, the market's had a great run. last week, a great run since june 24th. even if you went down 1%, 2%, 3%, i think it's just a tiny little dip. it's barely a rounding error. and the markets, to me, are clearly headed higher in the short term. >> doug, you buying into this weakness, as well? >> yeah, i think we are buying into this weakness. we also are finding that the u.s. has had a really great run, and, you know, the whole point of making your most money when reality and expectations are in disalignment, that's not the case right now in the u.s. things are good and people recognize that. i think the real opportun
guild. the liquor laws don't allow us to use alcohol in training. the bar tenders schools in california are a joke. it's a cheap industry where hopeful bar tenders are hoping to take a $300-500 course to use colored liquid. if we are expected to do this for educational purposes, i imagine that we have to do the same thing, to go through the legislators to propose that to the public and propose it to the abc. i believe this nightlife summit was create because of problems in the public, there was problems with noise, problems with over drinking, a lot of our laws are based on that. i'm here to propose that we have more responsible training for our bar tenders and servers. the cocktail boom around the country has turned bartenders into a true professional. now that professional bartender's job is in question. >> i'm sure it's around the whole notion of where you can drink alcohol and the idea of one of those courses or presentations or event would whether or not it would constitute a public, somebody opened to the public or whether it was essentially amounting to commercial use of alcohol
into san francisco using the car. i would say use bart, it's not striking, that's a great way to get without the bridge. ruth now at the toll plaza there is a backup. the metering lights have not gone out. but they will. there is a big backup there. back to the desk. we have a bart strike that's been averted. the trains are running this morning. they will run for the next seven days. last night the governor stepped in to the heated labor dispute just two hours before that midnight strike deadline. now we have team coverage for you. and we're covering the surprise for some shuttle drivers. they can see they are the no you can thatting anywhere. they asked him to step in he answered with the injunction which brings the strike to a halt for now. >> they emerged. and a board will investigate. they will issue a cooling off period. >> they are using it as a scare tactic and they were bargaining in bad faith. we heard how it was unnecessary to keep the public on pins and needles. there is no reason to continue the drama and the stress. the last thing we wanted was to see the train shut dow
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